Marco Crucinio

Marco Crucinio is a photographer based in London. Born in Italy and living in London since 2007, he joined the world of photography from 2011 thanks to his father- who is a photographer in turn- that transmitted him this passion.


My first introduction to photography came as a child, when my father allowed me to use his film camera and dark room. I was hooked on photography from the first moments that I learnt the basics of shutter speed and focal length, and whenever I had the opportunity I photographed virtually everything, relishing the opportunity of experimenting with different lights and types of shot. The majority of my training in the basics of photography came about through experimentation and self-study, a process which I feel has ultimately helped me to develop a highly intuitive approach to photography. However, I have always been eager to gain formal and professional training so as to benefit from the wisdom and experience of photography experts. As a child such opportunities were limited, but since I moved to the United Kingdom I have taken different courses.

I have also avidly read a wide range of books and magazines on photography, and I am a subscriber to both the British Journal of Photography and Digital Photo.

Over the last few years I have become increasingly committed to pursuing a career in photography. It has been a joy to set up my own website and develop a portfolio that contains a wide range of different landscape,architecture,nature and portrait shots,with a small blog section.

I am pleased to say that I am also beginning to develop substantial experience in carrying out professional shoots, and have provided photographic services for a number of different individuals, organizations/event and wedding.